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Presenters! Register your presentations on the nexus using the form below.  If you are registering several programs, start by filling out one form completely, then fill out subsiquent forms with just your name and program details.  It is not necessary to fill in your contact details everytime.  If you wish to include a description of your program as well as a title, you can include that in the description field.  Please limit your description to 75 words.  If your presentation fits into more than one category, it will be listed in all that apply.  Musicians:  List the services you offer in the presentation description block.  There is no charge for your listing on the nexus.  We are offering it simply to help those of us who are presenters get in touch with those of us who are looking for them!  If you have suggestions for this form, please email them to us at .  Thank you for registering!  May you get plethorous responses!



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